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More jeans

Lots of Christmas shopping & lots of jeans to sons & their partners. It’s always appreciated – as long¬†as you get the right brand, fit & style, not to mention size. And it all worked out well, this year too.

Black jeans, blue jeans, faded, dark, untreated, treated – and I fond a nice pair to myself also ūüôā



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, appearance

Old, worn out, abandoned but so incredibly beautiful. There’s something about old buildings, it must be appearance & history through time that makes them so exciting, something you never can take from a building that has been around for a while.

bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com/ bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Worn beauty / 156

Hej friends,

I am very much into vintage¬†right now. I guess I’m influenced by all the markets I’ve been visiting with friends & family.¬†I like the atmosphere, the feeling¬†of excitement that creates, all individuals visiting or selling, the¬†smell, the music,¬†the diversity of supply, the sense¬†of the bargain in the air,¬†well, you know…it’s fascinating.¬†I am quite smitten by all the stuff that have their own story, that have been someone’s beloved item, which will now be sold to & go on to new adventures. It’s also exciting that someone else can see the beauty in things that others has got tired of. It’s like a public festival & who on earth would say no to such¬†an exciting¬†experience. Well, I guess there are some since we all are different with different needs, expectations & interests. Fair enough. Let’s just rejoice¬†over diversity & everyones freedom to choose. So, if you are interested in worn beauty, please scroll further…

A pleasant environment with old cotton fabrics, worn windows & an old style bath tub / Lambert

Well-chosen & carefully placed furniture & accessories, making the whole room interesting / Niceroom

Worn floors, different types of wood, muffled colors that reminds of another era / Everythingyouaskme

An old beauty with intricate details / Lambert

 Cool combination with the industrial part together with the cabinet / Tolive

Charming with the sofa, the wall & the old mirrors / Vintagevacations

Irresistible homemade toy car / Lambert

Nice solution to place old photos in beautiful glass bottles / Vintageinteriors

A cozy kitchen with old & new blended together in a nice way / Alltihemmet

A beautiful solitaire in a white environment / Skonahem

Still-life of some old nice things / Browndresswithwhitedots

All you need in a room really, wooden furniture, panel wall, old maps & comfortable feeling / Homelife

Different flooring, worn doors, lovely window & old charm / Hviturlakkris

Styling with lovely things, in a nice grouping / Alltihemmet

A newly restored beautiful old sink, with grey wooden frame around / Lambert

Take care / Marie

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