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Cosy feeling

Some have the ability to decorate their homes with a cosy feeling by using the room’s surface to make it inviting. The combination of different furniture & material choices, pillows, books, frames – in a personal style creates a pleasant experience.

Zara home

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It is not always easy to find the right way, in terms of frame disposition. There is everything from the room’s layout, furniture, style, wall surface, and perhaps, especially subjects and frames. This solution is nice & looks good with the rest of the room. 


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Pictures with nice subjects are not too easy to find. Ideally, it should be an expression that appeals & says something about you or your home. It’s the first step, but even how to hang their creations to get a nice partition wall is at least as important. Here’s a nice idea…


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Just beautiful…


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Nice close-up of a kitchen environment with the small details that helps create a personal & inspirational home.


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