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Christmas has been removed & stored away and everyday life has been restored, albeit with a little sadness. Old things becomes like new when you re-arrange stuff a bit in different places.

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String is a perfect shelf system that’s adaptable & can be designed into many different functions & looks. This is a great way to solve a room with a sloping ceiling where the surface is used efficiently with a solution that is both useful & makes space for beautiful still lifes.

Credit: levaobo
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Wooden bench – a wonderful solution for extra seatings or a few beautiful things to create a still-life.

Credit: housedoctorcom
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Still-life are easy to changed & re-arrange seasonally – a simple way to create energy & joy to the well-being of the home. Placing the installation in front of a mirror doubles the joy 😉

Credit: levaobo
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White flower box on legs that gives a nice height, which can be used flexibly – plants, books, magazines, frames or as still life with beautiful things, easy to change with seasons.

Credit: home2tiny
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