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Storage solution

I have a preference for low storage solutions & preferably on the wall to keep the floor free. Also along the wall so as to provide a natural storage surfaces. Anyway, this a nice solution and nicley styled with wood, white & black, with the additon of props that’s making the whole set up inspiring. 


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Small space solution

It is always possible to find good functional solutions, no matter how small you live. It’s just about time, good choice of furniture & that you’ve looked at what you needed for it to work. Plus that your choise of design you love. 


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Simplicity – all you need to calm down, relax & enjoy life. 


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Long shelves

Just one of the most common solutions that I often prefer. Long shelves or stand-alone shelves along the wall, which are excellent for piles with books, magazines, small groups still life and frames leaning against the wall.




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Hallway, a beautiful one, with worn wooden floors and white walls. Note the solution with white transparent curtains that hide the storage part.



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