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First Advent ⭐️

Happy Advent, now when the first candle is lit.

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Daily inspiration, cheers

Have fun, celebrate in the quiet or with friends & acquaintances. Take it easy or party loudly. Anything that makes you happy. A year has passed & with it, you’ve got lots of new skills & experiences. What counts is that you learn from everything & that you share with warmth & care. I wish you a wonderful new years evening.

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Take care / Marie

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New year

So, here we are again – a new year with new opportunities. What do you think – will we do things differently, make better decisions, learn from the old, learn from mistakes. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the small steps we take, that actually changes & improves. Moreover, we live in the future more than the present. We are in such a hurry with everything that we miss the essential. To actually live in a slow trot & experience things up close. You may already live your life the way you want, at the pace & the lifestyle you aspire. Good on you then, congratulations & keep it up!

I for my part, want more peace & quiet around me. To be able to think & complete a thought without losing the thread. To have time for what’s important & the possibility to opt out things that takes time & energy, unnecessarily. It’s easier said than done. To continuously refine, modify & improve, is a big part of life. What is precious is up to each one, of course. It seems to me that time is that which is most sought after by many. It might be worth considering what we make of our time. Properly used, perhaps, we don’t need more time.

I hope you will achieve some of your dreams for the coming year. Above all, that you will stay healthy & strong with near & dear. I hope that you get to experience many happy moments & sees possibilities  that pops up around you.

Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog during this first year. Also for all your nice comments & encouragement. Whatever you do, remember to live in the present. Here & now!

Here’s a mix of various images that might fit into the celebration of the new year.



Sparkling festivities / ulrikaekblom


Crackling & glittering activities / Flickr.com


Nice on the table / designcoholic


Festively dressed / nymag.com


Same with table accessories / inspireddesign


 Simple pleasures / google.com

3 livethemma choklad

Suitable for two / livethemma


Suitable for some more / livethemma

aibob via wordpress

New years eve in Sydney / aibob via WordPress


So true / thistooshallpass

Many thanks again for all sweet comments & support.

Take care / Marie

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