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Espresso ‚ėēÔłŹ

Good morning to you all. Wish you a good continuation of the new year – 2021 ‚≠źÔłŹ

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Happy New Year





Take care / Marie

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Happy new year

Today is the first blank page of 365 page book. Make an effort to write a good one. I wish you the best in health, happiness & positivity.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cheers

Have fun, celebrate in the quiet or with friends & acquaintances. Take it easy or party loudly. Anything that makes you happy. A year has passed & with it, you’ve got lots of new skills & experiences. What counts is that you learn from everything & that you share with warmth & care.¬†I wish you a wonderful new years evening.

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Take care / Marie

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New year

So, here we are again – a new year with new¬†opportunities. What do you think – will we do things differently, make better decisions,¬†learn from the old, learn from mistakes. Sometimes it’s difficult to see the small steps we take, that actually¬†changes & improves.¬†Moreover, we live in the future more than the present.¬†We are in such a hurry with everything that we miss the essential. To actually live in a slow trot & experience things up close.¬†You may already live your life the way you want, at the pace & the lifestyle you aspire.¬†Good on you then, congratulations & keep it up!

I for my¬†part, want more peace & quiet around me. To be able to think & complete a thought without losing the thread. To have time for what’s important & the possibility to opt out¬†things that takes time & energy, unnecessarily. It’s easier said than done. To continuously refine, modify & improve, is a big part of life. What¬†is precious is up to each one, of course. It seems to me that time is that which is¬†most sought after by many. It might be worth considering what we make of our time. Properly used, perhaps, we don’t need more time.

I hope you will achieve some of your dreams for the coming year. Above all, that you will stay healthy & strong with near & dear. I hope that you get to experience many happy moments & sees possibilities  that pops up around you.

Thanks for taking the time to follow my blog during this first year. Also for all your nice comments & encouragement. Whatever you do, remember to live in the present. Here & now!

Here’s a mix of various images that might fit into the celebration of the new year.



Sparkling festivities / ulrikaekblom


Crackling & glittering activities / Flickr.com


Nice on the table / designcoholic


Festively dressed / nymag.com


Same with table accessories / inspireddesign


 Simple pleasures / google.com

3 livethemma choklad

Suitable for two / livethemma


Suitable for some more / livethemma

aibob via wordpress

New years eve in Sydney / aibob via WordPress


So true / thistooshallpass

Many thanks again for all sweet comments & support.

Take care / Marie

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