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Suns on the way down, it’s still very hot & quite humid in the air. To sit & dry and just look out over the sea with twinkling waves without any hurry, is the height of happiness. This image may reflect the moment.

Credit: Beachblissliving
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Shopping 🛍

Christmas shopping is recommended online nowadays. Can’t help but miss the excitement & atmosphere that comes with wandering around town in the cold & warming cold hands in cafes filled with happy expectant people.

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Happiness comes in all forms & shapes…



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Much focus on the home right now. Love to go home directly after work & just relax … small moments of happiness, doing nothing,



Take care / Marie

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 As a person, I have faith in fundamental human good intentions, which gives me hope & reasons into believing that animals such as humans always are well treated – which is the least we can ask of ourselves.

This image always makes me happy & reminds me of individuals rather than animals.



Take care / Marie

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