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 As a person, I have faith in fundamental human good intentions, which gives me hope & reasons into believing that animals such as humans always are well treated – which is the least we can ask of ourselves.

This image always makes me happy & reminds me of individuals rather than animals.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, green bridge

As I understand, this is a place somewhere in the world where someone came up with the idea to build a forest green bridge over the highway – because all animals were run over & killed when they tried to cross. And it works, it’s much less of a problem now. Plus that it’s such a hearty thing to do for those animals that actually belongs there.

Fancy.com/ fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Animal inspired / 169

Hej friends,

I’m not personally that fond of animal attributes in rooms, rather opposite actually. But browsing internet, I came up with a lot of images with animal heads, horns, paws on coffee tables, skin rugs etc. There’s a big amount of people who likes this style. As usual, I’m not judging whether it’s right or wrong. That is up to each one to decide. I’m simply stating the fact. I’ve put together a variety of  images that are rather simple & basic. It’s also one type of animal theme – zebra & with the black & white colours as well as stripes, this fits in most environments, when well done.

The stool is an exciting addition to an otherwise white & calm environment / Countryliving

Exciting light setting with black floor makes the zebra skin rug stand out / Apertmenttherapy

A beautiful naturally striped zebra dressed in the pattern where it fits best  / Morganstern via Pinterest

Black & white living room with a suitable addition / Avolli

Zebra patterned bikini in black & white / Monsieurwintor via Tumblr

Seems like white environments are preferable for animal skin rugs / Interiorhome

Cozy room with subdued light / Skonahem

 Sometimes it’s enough with a cushion to get the feeling / The Fancy

Bright yellow scarf with black print on / Tumblr.com

A fire place & the zebra skin rug / Keltainen

Bright yellow to create a more interesting look  / House & home

Tight slim dress with zebra stripes / Zsazsabellagio

Something warming under the feet / Desiretoinspire

Styling with animal theme – zebra skin rug, some kind of bird & the horns / Google.com

 Take care / Marie

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