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I like benches, stools & small coffee tables which I can place in different locations at home for different functions. As here, stacked magazines, and a beautiful lamp that creates nice lighting but also a lovely feel & atmosphere.


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Of course this is a nice environment but when I see piled up magazines, especially under an old school bench, along the wall, with loads of green plants, and all under a window with natural light flowing in – well, it’s irresistible.


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I love small areas where you can make small collage of things you love. Easy to move and change. It looks a bit deliberately sloppy, it catches the eye and turns into a charming collection.



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Much focus on the home right now. Love to go home directly after work & just relax … small moments of happiness, doing nothing,



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cool detail

A simple bedrooms, one might say, but one detail has caused a lot of attention in the blogosphere namely the bedside lamp. A cool detail!



Take care / Marie

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