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A coffee with two small biscuits makes the afternoon a little more brighter ⭐️

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Suns on the way down, it’s still very hot & quite humid in the air. To sit & dry and just look out over the sea with twinkling waves without any hurry, is the height of happiness. This image may reflect the moment.

Credit: Beachblissliving
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Window view

A window facing the sea, with an infinitely changing view – while sitting indoors with your glass of wine & looking out – is a pleasant thought …

Credit: Elle.se
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The moment before

Christmas Eve, early morning, much has already been prepared with Christmas shopping, food, cleaning, decorations – a quiet moment at the back before breakfast, a cup of coffee & then the Christmas festivities starts.
And I am so grateful that the weather is cool with breezy winds. (Not the usual heat of 40 degree heat).


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, sometimes

I wish that time did not have the significance which we impose on it. How wonderful would it not be to be able to take time for what feels right at the moment & not be controlled by time of day. Not to have to wake up or go to bed at a certain time. It is probably the height of luxury, I can imagine. With so much buzz round around I would like to have time to do simple things that right now feels as luxury.

lovedesigncreate.com/ lovedesigncreate.com

Take care / Marie

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