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Coffee time ☕️

Time for a coffee break – the sun is shining & it’s hot outside but our terrace is shaded by a large lush tree. Moments ⭐️

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Blueberry cheesecake parfait

Blueberry cheesecake parfait – a just enough portion as dessert. Nice to serve in a transparent glass too – a sight for the eye as well as the palate.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, practical

A nice & inviting part of a kitchen & especially the pull out board to use for an early breakfast – with the handy coffeemaker above.


better homes & garden

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Daily inspiration, fresh flowers

The daylight is fantastic right now – clear, fresh & crispy. In such moments, it feels as if it will always be like this. Light just shimmers through the window. With a little different vases in clear & coloured glass, with fresh flowers too. Well, then time is welcome to stand still, for my part.

stylebyemilyhenderson.com/ stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Take care / Marie

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Make way for the tray / 185

Hej there,

You know, it might sound a bit silly perhaps, but serving trays belongs to one of my (many) passions. Just like candle holders, glass, wall & mantel clocks & other accents to the home. And I have not even yet mentioned textiles of all kinds. I guess that we all have our favorites, things that we’re collecting & things that we always return to, over time, out of pure habit or great love. From time to time, I don’t seem to be able to make up my mind. I do occasionally fall for decorative, cute & overworked things. But on the other hand, I occasionally prefer it more rustic … to then again be attracted to the modern & simple style with basic colors & straight lines. I have a taste / style preference that does not change – that is the real me. But it seems like I’m attracted to the opposite or other sweet things that’s not really me. It might be the need to try a bit of everything, in order to know what you truly enjoy … so as not to get tired of what you like best, if that make sence? Or perhaps it’s the need to just get some variety.

Well, even if I change my mind now & then regarding style, my interest for the trays of all sorts, will remain. I believe 🙂

Simple tray with some lovely things that form a nice still life / Boligpluss

Round tray with silver & fresh white flowers / Folio bildbyra

Wonderful white wooden tray that fits everywhere / 79ideas

Monochrome collection / Design&form

Collection of favourite things on a tray for display / Seventeendoors

Yet a nice still life gathered on a black tray / Sonydsc

Wood, glass & metal – how nice can it get, huh? / Studiokarin

Lets add some styling too – glass, white & wood / Tinekhome

Slightly more rustic with the brick wall as background / Shelleymorris via Pinterest

White, white, white / Yellowbydesign

Black & white, always appealing / Whitevanilla via Pinterst

Beautiful styling in green & silver theme / Elhernandez

Beautiful tray indeed / Ellmania

A simple tray of natural materials is always nice & fits everywhere / 79ideas

Birchbark & white is an exciting combination / Magnusanesund

Take care / Marie

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