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Candle holders

A very lovely setting with candle holders in coloured glass & matching sofa & cushions as a backdrop.

suvim_valkoinenharmaja / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, coloured glass

Great setting with a nice mix. The rear wall in the white tiles, shelves with brackets, old industrial chairs & those amazing fine bottles in coloured glass. In addition, the dining area near the window with nice natural light.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fresh flowers

The daylight is fantastic right now – clear, fresh & crispy. In such moments, it feels as if it will always be like this. Light just shimmers through the window. With a little different vases in clear & coloured glass, with fresh flowers too. Well, then time is welcome to stand still, for my part.

stylebyemilyhenderson.com/ stylebyemilyhenderson.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fresh cut flowers

We have received a lot of fresh cut flowers from friends who’s been visiting when we have been off. I think it’s a bit of a luxury with fresh flowers. To have time to enjoy them too. I have moved them around, forward & back, inside & out, depending on where we have been sitting. It’s nice with a mix of coloured & clear glass vases with one flower inside, here & there. They complement each other, as a unit.

feedly.com/ feedly.com

Take care / Marie

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Crystal clear

Glass has not always been something that I appreciate. I was early introduced to glass art & got some distaste for it for a while. I don’t know why really but I think it was too strong colours & complicated shapes that would not be explained. The design were meant to stimulate the imagination. It didn’t work on me unfortunately. That happened ages ago so that’s history now. Since then, I have discovered the style that suits me. I’m often drawn to a simple & relatively pure style. I prefer a simple &  relatively clean design. I don’t like it too fancy or elegant.

The images I’ve collected below is a mixture of glass art, glass objects for everyday life & maybe  something in between. Some of them reminds me of the early days when I was introduced to the art glassware – which I can’t find place for, in my heart, still. But that’s how it is sometimes. They have their fans anyway. The craftsmanship behind, regardless of taste, is something to admire anyway.


One of my favourite images, one I always return to / vararum


Art glass in restrained tones / residence


Coloured translucent / hittahem


Transparent with liquid / heartbeatoz


Translucent, transparent & beautiful / residence


Aesthetically pleasing with firm yet soft design / essence


Old carafes, among the nicest thing there is / canvas


Colourful / livethemma


I chose this image just for the delicate & airy impression but also because of the colour / lovenordincdesign


Celestial blue (s) / residence


Everyday objects / potterybarn


Art in glass / dalanihome&living


Glass vases in all shapes / sanna&sania


Warm inviting colours /rolandpersson

ResidenceDark & challenging in color & form / residence

Take care / Marie

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