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I’m sure I have posted a similar image previously – this is such a beautiful room with its architectural features. 


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Daily inspiration, cute

This picture reminds me of when my boys were little. They had lots of wooden toys & especially a locomotive with carriages that could be linked together to form long trains. They were a little bigger, sturdier & were in  colourless varnished wood. Anyway, you had to be rather creative to get them to eat, at times. This would have worked fine. To pretend a train comes loaded & we’ll have to eat in order to be able to tow more.

fao-shop.com/ fao-shop.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Advent calendar

Do you belong to those who likes to be creative, when it’s getting close to the festive season? It’s nice to try out simple things that can be done an evening together with the family. This is a cute idea. Especially when you sweetens the time to find suitable small gifts that can fit into each date, for each day until Christmas. I particularly like the chimney with the smoke!

google images/ google images

Take care / Marie

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Art can be & mean so much, not just something you can hang on the wall, although I would consider it to be good enough, of course. I just have to like it, or else no matter the cost, it would be something I would give away to someone that appreciates it more than I. But the great thing about art is that it can be adapted to what we want it to be. It’s about each person’s experience. What you read into the artwork, what it means to you or possibly what its worth, in one way or another.

I would not like to dispute all the different opinions since that adds to the excitement around art. For myself, I prefer the simple & predictable variety. I am after all, an ordinary woman 🙂

ruyteixeira.comPictures, rug, cushions & stool fits well into the art theme / ruyteixeira.com

Co.desing masterpieceArchitectural masterpiece / Co.desing

lylaandblu.tumblr.comInch by inch – art / lylaandblu.tumblr.com

imageshack So called vintage kitsch / imageshack.com

cushandnooksMy favourite since young age / cushandnooks

designnerd via tumblr.com Furniture & wall art / designnerd via tumblr.com

freundevonfreundenSmall fine wood carvings /  freundevonfreunden

seventeendoorsNice with leaning pictures in a stack into the corner / seventeendoors

myscandinavianhome.blogspot.seArt wall / myscandinavianhome.blogspot.se

thingsilikePoster art / thingsilike

3.bp.blogspotColourful art & textiles / 3.bp.blogspot

nytimes.comPiece of art made by hand(s) / nytimes.com

lipstickonyourpillocase.tumblr.comHaute couture / lipstickonyourpillocase.tumblr.com

the apartment Beautiful floor art / the apartment

design-vox.comNice combination / design-vox.com

bloglovin.comArchitectural environment / bloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, tiny figures

Small, simple things can make a big difference sometimes. As these little figures of various sizes, painted in different colours & with a mischievous smile – any time of day. Especially nice if these simple things are stones that you have picked yourself, painted them & found a little corner where they fit. Well done!

Goggle image/ Pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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