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Daily inspiration, textiles

Some fresh textiles with slightly different patterns & colours, makes a big difference to a room. This has a simple base in white which allows to make changes, by simple means. It’s styled but still, it’s appealing, neat & cozy. The yellow color heats up the surface & energises the room, small as it is.

interiorguiden/ interiorguiden

Take care / Marie

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Porcelain pattern

Chinese blue pattern is so common in the trade nowadays, whether¬†it is textiles, porcelain, or other.¬†When I grew up, it was usual with the blue pattern on porcelain to collect mainly, not antique, but the kind you got at each celebration, so that you had a complete set – when it was time to leave home.¬†There were one collection that I remember was very popular although I didn’t really fall for that particular style.¬†I have struggled ever since then actually. I can’t really decide whether I like this kind of pattern & colour. I do that sometimes & so suddenly it feels boring & predictable.¬†Maybe it depends on the occasion & mood, what do I know. Well, I know that some of my friends is completely in love in both this colour & pattern.¬†Either way, it is perhaps not so bad anyway, it’s rather neat when you look at the variations of the pattern & the different blue tones of the china – Swedish East India – as I prefer to call it. What do you think?

anettewillemineNice patterns & shiny blue on the inside / anettewillemine

agatha Glamorous style / agatha via fancy

pinterest.comFrench inspired / pinterest.com

weheartitGreek inspired / weheartit.com

analoguelife.comSwedish style / analoguelife.com

housetohomeSummer house style / housetohome

katelondonParty style / katelondon

waterproofvalentines Grandma style / waterproofvalentines

wordpress.comTalented painter / wordpress.com

rusanson.comStyling / rusanson.com

thebonafidechainblingerBike style / thebonafidechainblinger

theshinesquirrel.tumblr.comCoordinated / theshinesquirrel.tumblr.com

darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblrModern skull / darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblr

studiokarinPatterned blues / studiokarin

passages8391tumblr.comChina blue / passages8391tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Crystal clear

Glass has not always been something that I appreciate. I was early¬†introduced to glass art & got some distaste for it for a while. I don’t know why really but I think it was too strong colours & complicated shapes that would not be explained. The design were meant to stimulate the imagination. It didn’t work on me unfortunately. That happened ages ago so that’s history now. Since then, I have discovered the style that suits me.¬†I’m often drawn to a simple & relatively pure style.¬†I prefer a simple & ¬†relatively clean design. I don’t like it too fancy or elegant.

The images I’ve collected below is a mixture of glass art, glass objects for¬†everyday life & maybe ¬†something in between.¬†Some of them reminds me of the early days when I was introduced to the art glassware – which I can’t find place for, in my heart, still. But that’s how it is sometimes. They have their fans anyway. The craftsmanship behind, regardless of taste, is something to admire anyway.


One of my favourite images, one I always return to / vararum


Art glass in restrained tones / residence


Coloured translucent / hittahem


Transparent with liquid / heartbeatoz


Translucent, transparent & beautiful / residence


Aesthetically pleasing with firm yet soft design / essence


Old carafes, among the nicest thing there is / canvas


Colourful / livethemma


I chose this image just for the delicate & airy impression but also because of the colour / lovenordincdesign


Celestial blue (s) / residence


Everyday objects / potterybarn


Art in glass / dalanihome&living


Glass vases in all shapes / sanna&sania


Warm inviting colours /rolandpersson

ResidenceDark & challenging in color & form / residence

Take care / Marie

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