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Porcelain pattern

Chinese blue pattern is so common in the trade nowadays, whether it is textiles, porcelain, or other. When I grew up, it was usual with the blue pattern on porcelain to collect mainly, not antique, but the kind you got at each celebration, so that you had a complete set – when it was time to leave home. There were one collection that I remember was very popular although I didn’t really fall for that particular style. I have struggled ever since then actually. I can’t really decide whether I like this kind of pattern & colour. I do that sometimes & so suddenly it feels boring & predictable. Maybe it depends on the occasion & mood, what do I know. Well, I know that some of my friends is completely in love in both this colour & pattern. Either way, it is perhaps not so bad anyway, it’s rather neat when you look at the variations of the pattern & the different blue tones of the china – Swedish East India – as I prefer to call it. What do you think?

anettewillemineNice patterns & shiny blue on the inside / anettewillemine

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weheartitGreek inspired / weheartit.com

analoguelife.comSwedish style / analoguelife.com

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katelondonParty style / katelondon

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studiokarinPatterned blues / studiokarin

passages8391tumblr.comChina blue / passages8391tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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