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Still life, with small collections all around the home, where it is suitable, creates small inspiring surfaces that adds to the home’s personality & atmosphere.


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Daily inspiration, robots

Some pictures can evoke memories, others can arouse curiosity or simply inspire. This image fits in all three categories. I’m fond of robots (especially the ones in meta) even if it may sound odd. All years of toy robots has made its marks so that when I look back, I remember names & characteristics of the various nasty, kind, powerful or smart characters, who at various times were my boys favourites.


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Daily inspiration, piles,

I’ve just gone through piles of books & magazines to try to clear some of my collections. I have not the heart to throw any of this although much of the magazines are old. It’s simply not possible. That’s why this picture fit as well as today’s image love.

atmycasa/ atmycasa

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, antiques

Sweet things for the eye in our everyday, isn’t that wonderful, really – for the well being, at least. I think it makes us humans more friendly & more compassionate when we have nice & beautiful things around us. It might sound silly but it’s about the beauty in things & in people. Not perfection but valuable things that has certain memories connected to them. Or people that has certain behaviours, smiles, insight or other, that makes them irreplaceable. It is about the feeling things or individuals create within us. One cannot go on collecting people, but you can surround yourself with them as well as other things you happen to like too.

casasugar.com / casasugar.com

Take care / Marie

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Porcelain pattern

Chinese blue pattern is so common in the trade nowadays, whether it is textiles, porcelain, or other. When I grew up, it was usual with the blue pattern on porcelain to collect mainly, not antique, but the kind you got at each celebration, so that you had a complete set – when it was time to leave home. There were one collection that I remember was very popular although I didn’t really fall for that particular style. I have struggled ever since then actually. I can’t really decide whether I like this kind of pattern & colour. I do that sometimes & so suddenly it feels boring & predictable. Maybe it depends on the occasion & mood, what do I know. Well, I know that some of my friends is completely in love in both this colour & pattern. Either way, it is perhaps not so bad anyway, it’s rather neat when you look at the variations of the pattern & the different blue tones of the china – Swedish East India – as I prefer to call it. What do you think?

anettewillemineNice patterns & shiny blue on the inside / anettewillemine

agatha Glamorous style / agatha via fancy

pinterest.comFrench inspired / pinterest.com

weheartitGreek inspired / weheartit.com

analoguelife.comSwedish style / analoguelife.com

housetohomeSummer house style / housetohome

katelondonParty style / katelondon

waterproofvalentines Grandma style / waterproofvalentines

wordpress.comTalented painter / wordpress.com

rusanson.comStyling / rusanson.com

thebonafidechainblingerBike style / thebonafidechainblinger

theshinesquirrel.tumblr.comCoordinated / theshinesquirrel.tumblr.com

darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblrModern skull / darksilenceinsuburbia.tumblr

studiokarinPatterned blues / studiokarin

passages8391tumblr.comChina blue / passages8391tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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