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Wallpaper has been used since before the 18thcentury to cover walls & act as a decorative element for interior spaces. Emerging during the Renaissance period as an affordable alternative for tapestries, they were used by the rich back then to cover the stone walls, keep away the heat & give color to the rooms. Today, they partly serve as an interior design effect to create atmosphere & strengthen the identity in a room.

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Christmas spirit

Lovely Christmas feel in this interior. The spacious layout, generous table setting, Christmas tree & decorations, wallpaper & furniture, warms your heart.

Credit: majasmissionshus
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Wallpaper x 3

Oh, the difference wallpaper can make to a room. The feeling, the atmosphere & the impression – and so much design to choose between.

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An ordinary corner can become exciting, cosy & the best place in the home with the right wallpaper. The whole environment & mood changes with a little color & pattern on the wall.

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A Swedish apartment for sale, furnished in the typical Scandinavian style with a focus on function & aesthetics. A small space living with many nice details.

Credit: stadshem

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