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Wallpaper in geometric pattern in white & beige – a design that is timeless in its expression. Nice attributes that enhance the experience in the room.

Credit: bjurfors_goteborg

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What a difference wallpaper can make for a room & for the atmospheric experience. Patterns, colors, placement – exciting but not always an easy choice.

Credit: borastapeter

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Antique green floorboards with a door in the same colour, an old chair and a lovely wallpaper snippet, with old charming pattern, it’s surely a nice sight, right?

Credit: remodelista

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A glimpse

Close-up of a corner with patterned wallpaper and a glimpse into the living room.

Credit: alvhem

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A nice hall with solid carpentry, nice color choices & nicely patterned wallpaper.

Credit: myscandinavianhome

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