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Antique green floorboards with a door in the same colour, an old chair and a lovely wallpaper snippet, with old charming pattern, it’s surely a nice sight, right?

Credit: remodelista

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Amazing interior with beautiful windows but also the tiled wall together with the antique green kitchen – yellow dining table and dark flooring. 


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Green x 2

Green colour with almost similar green shades in two different images.

A colour that I am a bit fond of but have only on sneakers, a scarf or alternatively a knitted jumper.

I’m so brave and a true innovator…




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, past

A combination of the past but in the present day – could that be a proper description of this styling, maybe. With old-fashioned wallpaper, the worn wooden floor, antique headboard, bed textiles & a patterned carpet, well then you get this expression. Really nice!

kandice dickinson via p/ kandice dickinson via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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Can you walk past a mirror without looking – eg. the mirror in the elevator, shop window that reflects, in a department store? I can’t help it, it happens automatically. A bit silly perhaps or even a bit vain. Glancing for a quick check, you know. I sometimes think that my three boys, one of which is my husband, are completely obsessed. They would use their time in front of the mirror all day long if they could decide, believe me. (Isn’t it a common ailment in our society today?) I often find myself sitting & waiting for them to be done, when we’re going somewhere. Once it becomes my turn, the expectation is that I should I be ready in three minutes … patience is a virtue! (Which is another thing we seem to lack a bit in our society). Anyway, appearance comes before everything else. Nothing wrong with that, first impression & so on.

So, moving on, there are lots of stylish mirrors, for those who not only want to look on themselves in the mirror, but also are fond of design too. Lots of different styles, colors, shapes & materials. Mirrors that can occupy an entire wall, or small round with nice details. Or just plain, simple with bevelled edge. You just have to pick & choose among all the varieties. Mirrors are nice, take a look yourself 🙂


Beautiful design / desiretoinspire


Size matters / domayneonline.com.au


Dining collection / keltainen

4 livethemma

reflections / livethemma


Golden frame / jellysundae.tumblr


Bathroom collection / blissblog


Fun detail / nagashima&hyoudou


Adorns the walls / pinterest


Window mirror / 79ideas


On the wish list / eclecticlivinghome


Nice above the bench top / lineklein


Gets n=anyone to look good / restorationhardware


Wood & white / annatruelsen


Round shape that softens / helenaaro


Wooden collection / desdemyventana


Exciting background wall / sanna&sania

Take care / Marie

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