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Antique green floorboards with a door in the same colour, an old chair and a lovely wallpaper snippet, with old charming pattern, it’s surely a nice sight, right?

Credit: remodelista

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Amazing interior with beautiful windows but also the tiled wall together with the antique green kitchen – yellow dining table and dark flooring. 


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Green x 2

Green colour with almost similar green shades in two different images.

A colour that I am a bit fond of but have only on sneakers, a scarf or alternatively a knitted jumper.

I’m so brave and a true innovator…




Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, door knob

Dark smooth door knob & brass part with an antique feel & adorned in such a way that it is now a rare occurrence. Small but important details that contribute to home character & enjoyment. Very beautiful!


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, radiator

Sometimes it is said that man-made things back in the old days,
held forever. They were keen on the quality, details, materials & craftsmanship. Maybe it was so & if so, this beautiful heating element / radiator would be an excellent example.



Take care / Marie

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