Daily inspiration, less is more

Less is more is an old expression but timeless in itself. We could all have a need of reviewing our belongings & think about what we really need. I am not the one to give advice or tell people what to or not. It is just an appealing thought to use what we truly need – which is a challenge in this era of commercialism.


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Take care / Marie

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3 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, less is more

  1. Try this one instead; http://tidningenlantliv.se/
    That should take you through to the Swedish interior design magazine with focus on rustic country/modern style. I’m sure you can scroll through to the particular home where this image is from. Good luck 🙂


  2. Jo says:

    Hi, I wonder where you found the picture called “Lantliv” in the post https://anordinarywoman.net/2011/08/02/ageing/lantliv/ . The http-link doesn’t lead to the source and I would like to see if there are more pictures from the same shoot. Do you have any info?


  3. Åsa says:

    Thanks for the nice words inside my blog, it made me very happy 🙂

    Hugs/Kramar Åsa


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