Box shaped houses

I happen to like simple square box-shaped houses & buildings. I like the simple shape that showcases exactly what you see without fuss. Angles & crannies are not my melody even if I do appreciate it because of its intermittency & charm…when it’s old, used & lived in. But, it’s like it is with preferences. And still, with a straight shape, it can look so different & express so much, that it’s hard to believe. Anyway, I thought you might like a post about nicely box shaped houses.

bungalow5Extremely nice in its simplicity / bungalow5

byggfabriken Compact but airy / byggfabriken

design-dautore Ultramodern / design-dautore

fancyDelightful / fancy

convoy Old & the new together / convoy

ikea Garage living / ikea

 lambert blogConcrete block that blends in with the environment / lambert blog

reiulframstadarchitechtsAbsolutely adorable / reiulframstadarchitechts

skonahem Great small buildings / skonahem

paonote-room269Strong impact with small means / paonote-room269

letmebeinspiredStands out in the crowd / letmebeinspired

husohem Orangery in black & glass / hus&hem

paulmouret Exciting roof house / paulmouret via fancy

blessthisstuff.comTranquil workplace /

thenewyorktimesExciting placement of windows  / thenewyorktimes

Take care / Marie

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4 thoughts on “Box shaped houses

  1. Chas Spain says:

    Thanks for dropping by. Now my brother’s got his little nanohouse he’s gutted the main house – (a little cottage) and just restumped, refloored, rewired, replastered (you know the drill) etc. So the nanohouse has been the bunkhouse for a while. Hopefully soon all will be restored and beautiful and I’ll do a little blog update!


  2. Hej, I took a look at your nephews small house – it looks great, especially with the windows placed in the corner & the area outside. It would be exciting to furnish inside – happy if you would send a picture when it’s done 🙂 Big thanks for your reply.


  3. dsholm says:

    I’m am so happy to stumble on to your blog. The fact that you so closely mirror my own aesthetic is both frightening but yet a comfort. Beautiful.


  4. Chas Spain says:

    Love these – they’re amazing. My clever nephew created a ‘nano-house’ (3x3x3) for my brother recently as a little study space. It’s similarly simple and beautifully complete but done on a tiny budget. I thought I’d update that post after seeing this one and add a link to here as well


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