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A stylish black wooden box with a lot of glass & light surrounded by plant boxes, gravel paths & trees … a beautiful idyll.



Take care / Marie

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It’s nice to be able to live part of the year with doors & windows opened – with an invisible boundary between outside & inside.

Preferably with upholstered furniture instead of the traditional outdoor furniture.

A courtyard / orangery that becomes a kind of a summer-living room.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, orangery

Orangery is supposed to be a greenhouse where orange trees are grown. Among its attractions are its trees, with a large collection of wisteria, grown inside the orangery. This is a green glasshouse, at least – in a seemingly perfect location, where the openness towards nature, isn’t a concern in this situation. I know I would stay there forever, no matter the weather.


Take care / Marie

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Box shaped houses

I happen to like simple square box-shaped houses & buildings. I like the simple shape that showcases exactly what you see without fuss. Angles & crannies are not my melody even if I do appreciate it because of its intermittency & charm…when it’s old, used & lived in. But, it’s like it is with preferences. And still, with a straight shape, it can look so different & express so much, that it’s hard to believe. Anyway, I thought you might like a post about nicely box shaped houses.

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Take care / Marie

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