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Outdoor | Terrace

Open doors to the terrace that blends into nature – a breathing place where you can sit & soak up all the beauty around.

Credit: husohem | Instagram
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An Icelandic landscape that hides a modern cottage, where the roof is covered with grass – and a panoramic window taking in the whole uninterrupted view of the magnificent nature.

Credit: bobedredk
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Window view

To be blessed with a big window with a nature outside as a painting – and a landscape matching the colours inside.

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Holiday home

A modern holiday home with a projecting roof for the outdoor area for mild summer evenings. In the middle of nature, the forest & everything you need for a simple life, within easy reach.

Credit: sommarnoje
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Red Currant

Back home in Sweden it’s the time of year when summer feels extra summery with the greenery & lushness that nature offers. It’s wonderful with all the overgrown berry bushes. Like this red currant plant that can still be found growing wild, but are more often cultivated for commercial sale. It’s beautiful ⭐️

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