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Beautiful, inspiring designed wonders to illuminate your day. Creativity with flair.

@catarinalarsson / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Go ahead, help yourself – a small fruit salad in a different form that can be enjoyed whenever it suits. Want more – peek into instagram to see more of this creative illustrator.

groehrs / instagram


Take care / Marie

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More colour

So I had a couple of comments the other day, that I’m always posting images that are not particularly colourful – which in itself is true – but the fact is that I use photos that I fall for, based on my taste & preference.

So to show my good side, I have chosen a number of colourful pictures of inspiring architecture  that I hope will fit better in taste. Take the time to visit this Instagram account for more inspiration.   (See source below). 

But this is one off – I’m going to continue to blog about my sources of inspiration 🙂

cimkedi / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Egg cups

Egg cups in different expressions for the daily breakfast with a boiled egg, sandwich, yogurt & a cup of coffee – design joy that gives a good start to the day.



Take care / Marie

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Coffee splash

Imagine what you can do with talent & creativity. From a cup of coffee to real art – in a moment!

(well not in a moment but anyway). 

bookofcoffee via instagram


Take care / Marie

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