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Black and white

It’s certainly a skill set to create a setting that looks so inspiring & well thought out with limited colours – very impactful. An environment with depth, character, harmony & creativity.

Credit l: tessjohansen | Instagram
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Old paintings

Imagine being able to find old paintings, things that have previously been called junk art, and place them in well-chosen places in the home to bring out some character.

Credit: vintagefrench
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Sloping ceiling

Sloping ceiling in all the glory, sure it’s charming and it creates character – but it can also may be difficult to decorate. I think this solution is good use of space & stands out as a feature in the room.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, a home

An inviting home is one that feels lived-in. It’s not perfect & tidy but relaxed no matter if it’s unfinished with chaos around. The thing is that all things such as souvenirs, books, hand made stuff, photos are part of what gives a home character, personality & warmth. Textiles especially, are an easy way to bring warmth & atmosphere into a home. Preferably textiles & fabrics that will age & feel up to date as the years pass. When buying new things to add vitality, it’s ggod to build on colours & patterns that already exists & works well in the home. New pieces that match cherished older ones. A home is after all a place where family & friends gather for special events, dinners, celebrations or just to socialise in all simplicity.

desiretoinspire/ desiretoinspire

Take care / Marie

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Old photos or portraits – are they that common in modern homes nowadays? Perhaps more in homes with elderly or possibly if you are very family oriented. I can safely say that the difference is great between Sweden & Australia. Maybe because it’s greater diversity in terms of culture. People who have moved far away from home tends to wanting to look back to remember near & dear ones. It is close at hand to have pictures readily available – it probably feels more at home & reminds about family, friends & relatives.

I like the connection to the family & the different situations in life that we otherwise easily forget or puts away somewhere in the back of the head. It’s exciting also with the character that photos & portraits create in a home. They tell a lot about the home’s residents & makes the space more interesting.

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Take care / Marie

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