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Nice decor that exudes atmosphere and personality. Great with the bright blue wall color and the darker blue couch with patterned cushions. 



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Pleasant home decorated with care and personality, in an open floor plan and a bright color scheme – that works wonderfully with the blue colour on sofa & cabinet.

gravity home


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I am not a user of colour although I appreciate that in my daily life & surroundings. But olive green, that’s an absolutely favourite – I found these colour combinations inspiring. 




Take care / Marie

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Kitchen environment

First impression is that the walls are black, the shelves are filled to the brim and stuff to the max. But it’s a nice, homely and orderly kitchen environment with a lot of personality.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, furniture

Furniture, what would a home be without them really. No matter how they look & how they are put together, the feeling of a living environment, personality & taste influences the home – so that when you open your door, the feeling is,  there’s no place like home.



Take care / Marie

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