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Interior with stripped-down, subtle play of colors in soft tones. Pleasant atmosphere where the various functions emerge in their own way & interacts well with the whole.

Credit: interior_magasinet
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Small scale & charming hotel with lots of facilities & beautiful views located in San Lorenzo in Ibiza. With an interior & decor like this – who wouldn’t want to stay at Casa Naya!

Credit m: casanayaibiza
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Candles πŸ•―

Candles is a very simple way to lit up the home in a cosy way to create a nice atmosphere. And a candleholder is the icing on the cake.

Credit: wouddesign
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Lamps does wonders for the visual impression & enhance the interior style. While the lighting point itself contributes tremendously to atmosphere & function.


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Small cities, or small neighborhoods have the ability to amaze with incredibly inspiring locations, rooms with atmosphere & fun as well as different assortments. Whether retail, restaurants or cafes. Just wandering around & taking in the architecture is a delight in itself.

Credit: thatjanebird

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