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It’s not that easy to furnish a room with a slanted ceiling. It can easily look over-furnished & cramped. But done deliberately with well-chosen furniture & clear functions, it can be just this nice, as an example.

Credit: nytthem | Instagram
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Interior with stripped-down, subtle play of colors in soft tones. Pleasant atmosphere where the various functions emerge in their own way & interacts well with the whole.

Credit: interior_magasinet
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Simple separation

There are many clever solutions to room dividers. Whether you build them, custom made, or perhaps created via furniture placement or by removable wall screens. It all depends on the layout of the room & the architectural features. The difficult thing is to decide what you want & need, what material to use & whether it is temporary or long term. I am talking about simple separation of different surfaces depending of need & function.

husohem A small hallway created within the room / hus&hem

myscandinavianhomeExpand with large windows by bringing in light & nature closely / myscandinavianhome

skonahem Flexible & transparent, yet separate / skonahem.se

designtraveller Ideal to use a book case for storage & create a wall for extra function behind / designtraveller.tumblr.com

firsthomeFreestanding wall that is mobile, that creates spatiality, while it being used as a gallery wall / firsthome

blog.jelanieshop.comA small area with sliding doors / blog.jelanieshop.com

apartmenttherapyRustic & simple solution room with textiles / apartmenttherapy.com

cocokelley.comA glass partition so as not to diminish the feeling of space in the room / cocokelley.com

designtime.comNeatly designed cupboard divider / designtime.com

13 automatismBeing able to see but not be disturbed / avotakka.fi

mechantdesignThe wall some distance away, shortens the room / mechantdesign

101woonideen.nlRustic sliding door / 101woonideen.nl

featherhorseFramed surface with glass sections / featherhorse on fb

Photos by Clayton Hauck for Longman & EagleNice solid  feeloing / Photo by Clayton Hauck for Longman & Eagle

Take care / Marie

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