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Living room

Stylish room in black, white & beige. The same color palette is used on the sofa which has been decorated with a mixture of beige, black & white in the cushions – and the beautiful linen curtains frames the setting in a lovely way.

Credit: stadshem
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Folk tradition

The decorated highly colourful furniture of Central / east Europe’s folk tradition – has an entirely different aesthetic than the north – entirely recognisable due to the intricate & elaborately patterns & symbols.

Credit: house&garden magazine uk
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Spaciously furnished with loads of great natural light from the dominant window. Horizontal panel on the wall creates another layer & decorated in light gray-blue tones provides a light feel.

Credit: ADrussia
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Once I bought a French book, many, many years ago, with interiors decorated with iron beds (which were not pretty or country chic), and since then, I’ve kept an eye out for iron beds.


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It is inspiring with cozy , harmonious apartments that are designed & decorated in a smart way, making them feel spacious & cozy. Warm colours combined with soft & light materials. Small details at the bedside table with fresh beddings makes it look effortless. 


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