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Once I bought a French book, many, many years ago, with interiors decorated with iron beds (which were not pretty or country chic), and since then, I’ve kept an eye out for iron beds.


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It is inspiring with cozy , harmonious apartments that are designed & decorated in a smart way, making them feel spacious & cozy. Warm colours combined with soft & light materials. Small details at the bedside table with fresh beddings makes it look effortless. 


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If you are fond of monochromatic environments, then this solution could perhaps be a nice inspiration.


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Old & new

Old building, low ceilings, beautiful wooden details including the nice floor and decorated with personality and style in a charming mix of old & new.


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Black & white

Well, what shall I say to my defense … I fall helplessly for these beautifully decorated interiors in simple but graphic style. So beautiful, stylish & timeless – nice with the big black table that stabilizes the whole room’s expression. 



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