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White with earthy colors – an always appealing choice.

Credit: alvhem
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Furniture, simple in its design, which catches the eye & appeals through its quality – is a pure delight. And timeless.

Credit: bobedre.dk
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A Swedish apartment for sale, furnished in the typical Scandinavian style with a focus on function & aesthetics. A small space living with many nice details.

Credit: stadshem

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Finnish design

Finnish design is not just great objects, it’s a way of living & visible . in the everyday life. If you find something that works for you – you keep it. Nothing is too old.
Alvar Aalto once said: “Nothing is ever reborn but neither does it totally disappear. And that which has once been born, will always reappear in a new form”.

Credit: delightful.eu

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A glimpse

Close-up of a corner with patterned wallpaper and a glimpse into the living room.

Credit: alvhem

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