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Nice close-up of a kitchen environment with the small details that helps create a personal & inspirational home.


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Classic blue

It’s always in the small details, isn’t it. A white shelf, stacked porcelain, beautiful in classic blue & white, and the cups that’s hanging on hooks below. 


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Built-in storage

Built-in storage, or bookshelf, which is a wonderfully nice solution. Especially in a corner that can be difficult to use. So nice with the shelf on top for precious things & with glass doors that you can see through. Exciting & very nicely done.



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Details – makes a whole lot of difference. Well balanced & well placed lovely things are crucial for a place where we spend most of our time. Beautiful surroundings make people happy & harmonious.


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An image from El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech – definitely an account on Instagram (elfennmarrakech) to visit if you love colours. 


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