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Small cities, or small neighborhoods have the ability to amaze with incredibly inspiring locations, rooms with atmosphere & fun as well as different assortments. Whether retail, restaurants or cafes. Just wandering around & taking in the architecture is a delight in itself.

Credit: thatjanebird

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Traveling, is to open your mind for different impressions other than the everyday life you live in otherwise.  Even a fruit & vegetable shop enriches the experience, significantly.




Take care / Marie

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This solution for shop fittings & type of merchandising appeals to me. The range provides a good overview & the simplicity inspires.




Take care / Marie

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Scandinavian feel

A stylish Scandinavian feel to this store with ascetic furnishings & light interior with light woods.

The glass panes & the patterned floor reinforces the impression.


Take care / Marie

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Look up!

I like colours but I do not use that much colour in my life. It’s enjoyable to experience colours & the way people make use of it in their lives. I admire people who uses colors when they dress for everyday or special occasions. The way they decorate the home with colours they love or just how they colour their hair in crazy combinations. It’s exciting & liberating. As soon as I try, it just feels totally wrong & I have to go back to my neutrals again. But let’s celebrate diversity & the impulses we get by our differences. That’s good enough for me!

designattractor Wehostel Sao Paulo with a blackboard in the ceiling / designattractor

designismine.blogspotBright red with lots of energy / designismine.blogspot

homedsigning Black but with soft coloured textiles / homedsigning

hus&hemSky blue inside / hus&hem

housetohome Black floor & red ceiling / houseto home

MamaShelterWhy not repeat ceiling colour in a furniture / MamaShelter

retaildesignblog.netBlack in an otherwise light & bright shop  / retaildesignblog.net

heleniobarbetta.itSummer colours inside / heleniobarbetta.it

thedpages.comInteresting combination / thedpages.com

marieclairemaison.comColours & patterns that makes you happy / marieclairemaison.com

petitevanou.tumblrSlightly cold colours / petitevanou.tumblr

remainsimple.tumblr.comBlack & white / remainsimple.tumblr.com

designboom Colour to the max / designboom

cazuiyo.tumblr.comSoft buttery yellow / cazuiyo.tumblr.com

fancy.comDeep dark colours suited for a bohemian style / fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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