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Daily inspiration, cafes

Cafes in this city exist in large numbers. It appears as if new ones emerge constantly. And I mean constantly. And why not, it’s a big part of the culture & the best meeting places with friends. There’s always some one who have a favorite they offer tips about. And it’s always as great, just as they said.


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Daily inspiration, Melbourne

Australia abounds of small shops, cafes & restaurants which has its own design in terms of simple & straightforward. This is a charming & enticing solution from Melbourne.



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Daily inspiration, check out

I like to check out the shops, restaurants, cafes & the likes. Not always so much for their range – at least not in terms of first impression. May it be simple or extreme – it doesn’t matter. The place should have something that appeals to all the senses, something that makes you feel comfortable, that makes you want to revisit.

By the way, we are just heading to the beach & we will bike through the city – two birds with one stone!

casavogue.globo.com/ casavogue.globo.com

Take care / Marie


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Café life

We went to Melbourne on a long weekend to celebrate a long relationship that goes into its third decade. And our boys joined us, of course. Where would we be without them. It turned out to become more their weekend actually – shopping weekend so to speak. We strolled behind or in front of them, went in & out of hundreds of shops, spent time outside the changing rooms, discussed all sorts of subjects and so on. Beautiful weather, great city, nice people, comfortable & luxuriously hotel & numerous, numerous cafes.

dustjacketattic bistro charlotte poland/ dustjacketattic bistro charlotte poland

prettystuff/ prettystuff

travelandleisure.com/ travelandleisure.com

fancy.com/ fancy.com

thawn via tumblr/ thawn via tumblr

petitepassport.com/ petitepassport.com

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remainsimple.tumblr.com/ remainsimple.tumblr.com

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@mycasa / atmycasa

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ikea.se/ IKEA.se

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