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Covent garden, cobblestone streets, colourful facades, small shops, restaurants & coffee bars – longing for other countries, cities & culture. Here’s a pretty image of Neals’s yard. Hopefully it’s soon filled up with happy locals & travellers again.

Credit: londoncityworld
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Lunch / dinner

Food that’s cooked with genuine care & love is not always easy to find. Especially with quality products – it’s either the one or the other, mostly.




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Take care / Marie

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There are lots of restaurants on our street, just around the corner.

One serves my favourite vegetarian pasta with  eggplants.

They also serve my darlings favourite gnocchi with Italian spicy sausages.

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It has probably been much food during the holidays, by tradition, when people come together.

There is much talk about food in general – recipes, dishes, restaurants – but also obesity & healthy options.

Little food, whether it’s nutritious or not, with a nicely set table,

and care for the servings in small amounts, always look appetising.


Take care / Marie

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Healthy lunch

Healthy is not always tasty, on the contrary, it’s quiet often rather boring, I find. There’s not always lots of options no matter what great restaurant or lunch place you visit.

Vegetarian food requires someone who loves to cook & to invest time in exciting recipes, as with everything else in life. I’m not talking about anything complicated – just some passion.



Take care / Marie

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