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A beautiful authentic environment with some modern enhancements – which makes the heart beat.

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Take care / Marie

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Lunch / dinner

Food that’s cooked with genuine care & love is not always easy to find. Especially with quality products – it’s either the one or the other, mostly.




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Take care / Marie

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Golden days 

I guess I have to admit that I’m probably a bit of a dinosaur. It’s to a large extent that what was once, still appeals to me.
I like the feeling an old beautiful gramophone, let it be vintage or classic timeless style. It’s the raspy sound whit the disc & needle. Including the sound that feels authentic & genuine. It’s a lot of listening when we are gathered as family – seems like everyone
is keen on old traditions. (the gramophone is an old habit, a must during holidays when we have more time).



Take care / Marie

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Vintage feel

There is something special about stuff that has an old-fashioned expression or feeling – a genuineness that attracts. 


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, the genuine

Sometimes it is simplicity that apply. Or maybe common sense. Probably difficult to manage or balance in this day where it’s so important to be heard, or more importantly, to be seen. But to strive for it is always a plus. Beauty – it’s not always the surface. It is the simple, the natural, the uncomplicated – the genuine.

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Take care / Marie

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