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An amazing photo of a stunning individual – red hair, freckles & green eyes – with intensity & feeling.

Is it the model or is it a photographer with the talent – or both!

500px iso via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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A room with character, personalised or adapted after the individual who’s living here – lots of simple & clever ideas without being too much.

Good use of space, nine with the wallpaper behind the sofa, and inbuilt shelf for books.

The bed above with a round window, wooden floor that’s painted – homely & inviting.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, the genuine

Sometimes it is simplicity that apply. Or maybe common sense. Probably difficult to manage or balance in this day where it’s so important to be heard, or more importantly, to be seen. But to strive for it is always a plus. Beauty – it’s not always the surface. It is the simple, the natural, the uncomplicated – the genuine.

instagram.com/ instagram.com

Take care / Marie

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