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Any space can be beautiful despite the size. This rustic beauty is an attic in an old building. The mix of old & new furniture & the use of different textiles creates a harmonious warm & welcoming atmosphere. And the antiques adds a special feel to the whole experience.

Credit: a.cotswold.lifestyle
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House modules

House modules, small compact yet spacious enough for comfortable living, have become very popular alternatives. Can you then find a green & lush location, well, then there is not much more to be desired, right?

Credit: boligliv_dk

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Small sweet bathroom with beautiful floor tiles – and a nice addition with the rattan chair. 



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Small space solution

It is always possible to find good functional solutions, no matter how small you live. It’s just about time, good choice of furniture & that you’ve looked at what you needed for it to work. Plus that your choise of design you love. 


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Small space

Living in small spaces can be challenging, it is often about making conscious choices and store away things that rarely used to the benefit of the daily needs. Use of bright color scale with a couple color splashes or a dominant accent color, is often pleasant & soothing.



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