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Any space can be beautiful despite the size. This rustic beauty is an attic in an old building. The mix of old & new furniture & the use of different textiles creates a harmonious warm & welcoming atmosphere. And the antiques adds a special feel to the whole experience.

Credit: a.cotswold.lifestyle
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Small bedroom

Small bedroom with the bed in focus, a dressed headboard & lots of textiles in the same color scale. So nice & so appealing.


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Attic renovation

There’s lot of really nice & inspiring renovations that’s good to take after where it works. This is a converted attic bedroom with a bathroom.

What caught my attention is the customised bookshelf that makes a great statement in the room. And splits the space into natural room elements.




Take care / Marie

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Attic areas are not always as charming as it sounds. Still, it sounds appealing because it is an attic, right? A private space, cut off from the rest of the house. Nicely decorated, with plenty of natural light, ceiling beams as well as functional, the attic is a great place to spend the time.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, four-poster bed

A nice room that has a lot of fine details. Wall panels in light grey, sloping roof, dark-stained beams & suitable style on bed linen. Rag rugs has a tendency to always create atmosphere. It might be a space in the attic which has been renovated. Either way, it’s very nice.

roomfortuesday.tumblr.com:/ roomfortuesday.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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