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Ages beautifully

Wood, stone, glass, concrete and nature up close, a lovely experience in a beautiful house with materials that keep the wear and ages beautifully.


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Arched ceiling

Vaulted ceiling, moss on the roof, red arched window & a staircase up to the entrance – an odd fine little cabin in the pine forest.



Take care / Marie

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Garden paradise

In New York city, surrounded by buildings, there’s a penthouse with a garden on the roof. A garden paradise in the middle of the city – what a nice place!


Take care / Marie

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Rooftops has for me always been exciting, associated with adventure since childhood.

To be able to see far, see what others are up to, safe but still not in the center, so to speak.

A rooftop dinner with nice table setting – yes, that sounds great.


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I am very fond of architecture right now – very influenced by all new modern buildings coming up in our neighbourhood. I often notice details rather than the whole house.


Take care / Marie

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