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Ages beautifully

Wood, stone, glass, concrete and nature up close, a lovely experience in a beautiful house with materials that keep the wear and ages beautifully.


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Rooftops has for me always been exciting, associated with adventure since childhood.

To be able to see far, see what others are up to, safe but still not in the center, so to speak.

A rooftop dinner with nice table setting – yes, that sounds great.


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I am very fond of architecture right now – very influenced by all new modern buildings coming up in our neighbourhood. I often notice details rather than the whole house.


Take care / Marie

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Green house

Houses (architecture) is generally something I look for when I’m out walking or visiting different places. It may not always be precisely architecture that creates interest, but more the accommodation, the location, the style, the environment.

It can be ordinary or spectacular (prefer the ordinary to be honest). The idea behind the architecture and how people have created their accommodation is exciting. With that said, this is certainly interesting.


Take care / Marie

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Attic areas are not always as charming as it sounds. Still, it sounds appealing because it is an attic, right? A private space, cut off from the rest of the house. Nicely decorated, with plenty of natural light, ceiling beams as well as functional, the attic is a great place to spend the time.


Take care / Marie

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