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Good morning

Good morning, it’s early, breakfast done – time for a second cup of coffee on the balcony. The sun is up & a few are already out on various errands. It’s already hot outside ☀️

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Generous window

Generous window with a great place to take a break & watch the scenery outside. Think about life’s big questions & catch your breath.

Credit: stiltje.se
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Rooftops has for me always been exciting, associated with adventure since childhood.

To be able to see far, see what others are up to, safe but still not in the center, so to speak.

A rooftop dinner with nice table setting – yes, that sounds great.


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Daily inspiration, open up

This is very appealing, don’t you think? It’s an easy way to open up to the outside world. It looks charming & makes you crave for a long weekend with infinite time – to just hang around.

dustjacketattic.blogspot/ dustjacketattic.blogspot

Take care / Marie 

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Daily inspiration, cafe life

I sometimes stumble upon certain images that I fall for, just because I’m in the right mood or because it feels right at the time. It may be its simplicity or the beauty in some details – pictures that are appealing in one way or another. Here is one that just feels right. Enjoy 🙂


Take care / Marie

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