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Good morning

Good morning, it’s early, breakfast done – time for a second cup of coffee on the balcony. The sun is up & a few are already out on various errands. It’s already hot outside ☀️

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A balcony – a small leafy hidden world high up among the clouds, where you can enjoy silence, tranquility & rest – and forget about all the chores of everyday life.

Credit: shake
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An apartment to enjoy, true eye candy due to the the well thought out color scale, the airiness & simplicity of the interior philosophy.

Credit: decordemon

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Sitting right now with an open door onto the terrace, the sun is shining, there is clear blue sky & a plane passes just passes by on a low altitude. Thought that this picture could describe the feeling right now.


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Well-designed apartments whatever small area is a delight at times. Although small yet bright, fresh & with space for the most necessary.  And leads out to a balcony…


gravity home / Tumblr

Take care / Marie

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