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We have taken the autumn season for a few weeks but there is no difference in the weather. Warm, sunny & many opportunities for outdoor life in the backyard.


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Green sofa

The sofa itself is a pure eye-catching statement, with the poisonous green color that gives a boost of energy. The wall colour adds a depth & with the sharp blanket, green floor light – and an open door out to the patio – well, let’s move in…


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Some houses, large or small, convey a feeling or experience that can not be explained in words. Significant to some, unnoticed by others. 



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The terrace, that’s the summer’s living room, with simple activities in the heat.
I like them in wood & with sufficient surface along the façade, just like this picture. Does not take much space from the garden area but effective for various functions. Very beautiful.


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Living outdoors

Small space possibly, but well utilized with different seating areas as needed. Black facade together with wood, rattan & striped awning looks great – as well as the comfort with textiles.



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