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Hidden oasis

A hidden oasis, perfect image in the current heat. (year-round actually, here in Singapore).

Credit: digsdigs.com

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Bondi beach

One of the many, many beaches around the city to visit & enjoy.

The best of two worlds, with the sea & a 21, 9 meter pool – if you dare on a day like this.

Also, a third reason too, with all coffee shops, shopping & interesting people from all over the world.



Take care / Marie

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Pool life

Pool life is common here where almost every other person has a pool at the back.

They look obviously different depending on when they were built, which pool shape that’s been selected, even what colour the water is, depending on the material in the basin – which makes a huge difference.

We chose a long time & changed us a number of times before we decided for the pool that is now used daily & almost around the clock.


Take care / Marie

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In the sun

I am an ordinary ordinary woman who is very much into traditions, the way I’ve

gotten used to – such as that, it should be cold, snow  freezing temperatures,

when celebrating Christmas. If I can’t get that, I might as well go to a resort

(which it is not necessary here in Sydney with all the hundreds of beaches around)

& celebrate in life in the sun.



Take care / Marie

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I have to admit that I find this sink stylish – looks really great & outstanding in the right place. Still, it is inspiration & not something I would chose. It’s a bit too much for my taste.  


Take care / Marie

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