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Pool inspiration

One of the images we used as inspiration when we designed our backyard with pool & surrounding. 

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Pool dip

Last spring month & the heat oscillates between 22 – 32 degrees. It’s as if the weather can’t decide which direction it should go for. Not that it matters since it’s pleasant & always weather for a dip in the pool to cold of & enjoy early mornings before work or late evening after a long day.

reallivingsthlm / instagram


Take care / Marie


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Daily inspiration, pool again

I’m not looking or searching for pool images but they just seem to turn up in front of me nevertheless. I think this one have been around for a while. I really like the backyard, the lap pool & the colour of the water.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pooool

It took a while for us to figure out which colour to select, for the pool. Or to be more precise, pool surface really – since that’s what impacts on how you perceive colour of the water. Depending on how the sun falls, how much greenery there is around the pool, how tall the trees are … the experience is different from one pool to another. I wanted to have the turquoise color that reminds me a lot of hotel pools. It has a faint blue turquoise tone that probably will deepen when the garden is finished.

Green was apparently very popular but it did not fit into our preferences – it looks however nice out here.


Take care / Marie

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I have checked in on family & friends on FB during the Swedish summer & all seemed to enjoy their summer, when the sun is up & working, which haven’t always been the case. Summer is over by now, back home.  At the same time, we are heading into the first days of spring, in Australia. Not that we can complain about the winter weather – sunny, hot & truly wonderful, all in all.

We have pool thoughts in terms of our backyard. We have in any case come so far, that we’ve agree that it should be a tall form slender pool that’s ideal for swimming. We want to save some of the garden to fruit trees & greenery, of course. This is still in its infancy & a lot could happen before we take the first steps. So meanwhile, I’m enjoying all kinds of pools around the world, through some web browsing. Life can be so simple sometimes, right? Everything is within reach in terms of inspiration. These pools are more from a holiday angle but it’s nice anyway. That ‘s what pool-life is about, after all.

google.com1. White & blue luxury / google.com

fancy.com2. Fresh & salty water in sight / fancy.com

aoolayercake.com3. Pure beauty / aoolayercake.com


karmajimbaran resort, Bali / google.com5. Karmajimbaran resort, Bali / google.com

mensreverie.com6. Relaxing environment / mensreverie.com

charmingspaces7. Coastal feeling / charmingspaces

inspired-design8. Lazy days / inspired-design

Hotel Katikies, Santorini / photobucket9. Hotel Katikies, Santorini / photobucket.com

giftsoflife.tumblr10. Beautiful surrounding / giftsoflife.tumblr

Villa d’Este, Lake Como11. Villa d’Este, Lake Como / flickr.com

skonahem / Hall, Shimla, India. 12. Hall, Shimla, India / skonah.seem

pinterest.com / Playa Vik José Ignacio, Uruguay.13. Playa Vik José Ignacio, Uruguay / pinterest.com

triparoundthai.com Dusit Thani Maldives 14. Dusit Thani  /Maldives triparoundthai.com

One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldiverna15. One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives / Google.com

Take care / Marie

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