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Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth bay, a pretty view in Sydney.

Credit: vogue Australia

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Pool, sea & relaxation is front of mind now, with a week off with the family.

Lazy days spent in the sun with late breakfasts, books, music … cold drinks but lots of coffee, too.

There may come a rain shower but it’s welcome in this heat.


Take care / Marie

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In the heat 

 It’s 42 degrees right now when I’m inside for a cold drink. It’s a blue sky, green, green grass outside & cool blue pool. But it’s the transparent drinking glasses, sparkling soda, lemon / lime slices, that provides a nice refreshing sight within reach.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, pooool

It took a while for us to figure out which colour to select, for the pool. Or to be more precise, pool surface really – since that’s what impacts on how you perceive colour of the water. Depending on how the sun falls, how much greenery there is around the pool, how tall the trees are … the experience is different from one pool to another. I wanted to have the turquoise color that reminds me a lot of hotel pools. It has a faint blue turquoise tone that probably will deepen when the garden is finished.

Green was apparently very popular but it did not fit into our preferences – it looks however nice out here.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, by the pool

Not that I think it works with a sofa, especially with white cover, by the poolside. But it sure looks both nice & relaxing. It’s very beautiful with coral-blue water, the white wide sofa & orange coloured cushions. With a broad sun hat & an iPad close at hand, it would probably feel as if it’s close enough, the best thing you ever can buy for money, with the risk of sounding superficial. Who said you can’t buy happiness 🙂


/ Madeinheaven

Take care / Marie

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