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Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth bay, a pretty view in Sydney.

Credit: vogue Australia

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Pool dip

Last spring month & the heat oscillates between 22 – 32 degrees. It’s as if the weather can’t decide which direction it should go for. Not that it matters since it’s pleasant & always weather for a dip in the pool to cold of & enjoy early mornings before work or late evening after a long day.

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Take care / Marie


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So, summer is over for this time & autumn has entered with less heat & with a weather that makes it possible to be outside without having to hide from the sun. It reminds me of spring at home but with warmer climate – fresh & crispy in the air.

Water has been the recurring point in our lives – a lot because we have spent time around the pool, to cool off, but also for the tranquility that comes with rippling water.


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Take care / Marie

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Pool, sea & relaxation is front of mind now, with a week off with the family.

Lazy days spent in the sun with late breakfasts, books, music … cold drinks but lots of coffee, too.

There may come a rain shower but it’s welcome in this heat.


Take care / Marie

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In the heat 

 It’s 42 degrees right now when I’m inside for a cold drink. It’s a blue sky, green, green grass outside & cool blue pool. But it’s the transparent drinking glasses, sparkling soda, lemon / lime slices, that provides a nice refreshing sight within reach.

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Take care / Marie

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