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Beautiful weather in itself is uplifting & if you then can spend lunch or dinner outside – nice! Make sure to have a tray with various bottles of nice content & glasses – it brightens the moment.




Take care / Marie

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Bloody Mary

These Bloody Mary’s tastes probably quite excellent but I must admit that the look was the main reason for this post.

aysegul_sanford / instagram


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Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses has a nice feel when serving drinks in them. Whether it is water, lemonade or a bit stronger drinks. They embellish an event with cheerful colours & nice size – a bit like the jewellery to an outfit.



Take care / Marie

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So, you probably know that I’m not a big drinker,quite happy with one or two glasses of red wine & good company.

However, there has been a lot of gatherings lately where of course, drinks has been the main attraction, a nice start.

 I’m more fascinated by the colour, the flowing liquid, and how bartenders composes drinks to inspire & boost the taste buds.






@food&wine via twitter.com


Take care / Marie

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In the heat 

 It’s 42 degrees right now when I’m inside for a cold drink. It’s a blue sky, green, green grass outside & cool blue pool. But it’s the transparent drinking glasses, sparkling soda, lemon / lime slices, that provides a nice refreshing sight within reach.

twitter.com / gourmet traveller

Take care / Marie

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