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Cocktails 🍹

Margarita, or cocktails in general, isn’t my first choice as a drink but I can’t resist the nicely arranged creative drinks. When we’ll done, they’re so incredibly appealing – that you could actually order a couple for that reason only.

Credit: wanderlust_union
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The mere sight of these beautiful, colourful & artistic-made drinks in various drinking glasses is  enough to create a festive atmosphere.

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Take care / Marie

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Happy weekend

Cheers & happy weekend for all of you who’s either having a weekend off & can enjoy some time with family & friends – and to all of us who’s working or busy with other things.

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Take care / Marie

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So, you probably know that I’m not a big drinker,quite happy with one or two glasses of red wine & good company.

However, there has been a lot of gatherings lately where of course, drinks has been the main attraction, a nice start.

 I’m more fascinated by the colour, the flowing liquid, and how bartenders composes drinks to inspire & boost the taste buds.






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Take care / Marie

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In December, there’s a lot of small parties & functions as a way to catch up with friends, colleagues & neighbours – between work & all the rest of the everyday chores.

Cocktails – nice, tasty & somewhat inspiring – when someone have put in their soul into the creation.


Take care / Marie

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