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Valentine’s Day

V A L E N T I E ‘ S
D A Y ❤️

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Cookie box

A perfect gift to give away for New Year – cookies of all kinds in a nice little box.

Credit: @piesandtacos
Credit: foody365_
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A beautiful modern Christmas setup ⭐️

Credit: hjemtilellen | Instagram
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First Advent

Today’s the time to light the first candle that signals that it’s four weeks to Christmas.

Credit: vintagehouse via Instagram
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National Day

Two historical events were crucial to our country & hence the celebration of Sweden’s National Day.
June 6, 1523 Gustav Vasa is elected king of Sweden. Sweden then broke out of the Kalmar Union with Denmark & Norway & became an independent country with its own king & a new royal dynasty – the Vaasa family.

June 6, 1809, Parliament wrote under the form of government that laid the foundation for modern Sweden & the foundations of our state, which paved the way for the democracy Sweden is known for today.

National Day is also a secular holiday. Which makes it possible for everyone, regardless of belief, to wind up around National Day.
It strengthens the image of a country based on shared values & democracy – important pillars of our development.

We also celebrate our fantastic nature with the universal right, the long period of peace & freedom, the modern industry, our cultural heritage & architecture.

In the spring of 1893 the first spring party was held at Skansen in Stockholm – the party got its end on June 6 with a big flag party. Flag Day 1983 became our official national day & from 2005 also national holiday.

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