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Christmas sweets

A box of sweets, the perfect gift for any Christmas gathering ūüéĄ

Credit: @ullpo | Instagram
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Cookie box

A perfect gift to give away for New Year – cookies of all kinds in a nice little box.

Credit: @piesandtacos
Credit: foody365_
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Imagine having the knowledge & energy to bake in this fantastic way. What a precious gift that brightens the everyday life.

Credit: donadacasa.blog.br
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Scented candle design –¬†SKOG – meaning forest. Inspired by the forests covering half of¬†Scandinavia, stretching unbroken from far south to the¬†Arctic circle – so how about¬†impressions of boreal and aged woodland…




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Perfect gift

What could be better as a gift than this delicious box with cookies, wether it is for Christmas or just as a surprise. And so nice to be able to share it together as well. 



Take care / Marie

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